Wednesday, 12 December 2012


A couple of useful resources (I'll probably add more later) on a central feature of the genre: the franchise, with endless generally low-budget sequels, costs kept low by having few returning characters between movies able to demand higher fees (Scream was a notable exception), often treating the fanbase shoddily by selectively following the narratives of previous movies. - Good list, with each entry hyperlinked to further info - slasher franchises feature in the list - a forum's list of best 10 slashers ever, in which franchise entries feature heavily - A different approach: the 10 franchises that should have been scrapped! - a simple listing of the entries in 3 key franchises (Scream, Hwn, Fri 13th) - a blog dedicated to Halloween (there are many more out there) - the top 20 all-time slasher movies by box office features ... 20 franchise entries, which says a lot about how the genre functions - a poll and discussion about the best slasher franchise! - interesting list of best slasher killer etc - most remakes have been abysmal; here's a video comparison of the orig + remake NoESt

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