Monday, 19 November 2012

NARRATIVE Nowell's 7 key stages of slasher

Nowell’s book Blood Money (2011) is primarily concerned with a point on audience: that slasher movies were aimed as much at female as at male audiences. He also makes an incredibly useful analysis of what he considers the universal components of the early slasher narratives, listed below, also noting that films were given some differentiation + novelty alongside their redundancy by playing around with the ordering of these. Once more, Todorov’s notions influenced him.
Part One: Setup
1.Trigger: Events propel a human (the killer) upon a homicidal trajectory.
2.Threat: The killer targets a group of hedonistic youths for killing.
Part Two: Disruption
3. Leisure: Youths interact recreationally in an insular quotidian location.
4. Stalking: A shadowy killer tracks youths in that location.
5. Murders: The shadowy killer kills some of the youths.
Part Three: Resolution
6. Confrontation: The remaining character(s) challenges the killer.
7. Neutralization: The immediate threat posed by the killer is eliminated.’ (p.21)

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