Wednesday, 29 November 2017

GREMLINS tee-shirt with re-release cinema ticket

Well, when you make a pig's ear of globally renowned IP like Superman and Batman, might as well give up on new movies and recycle past glories, right?

Smartest move Warner have done in a while is announcing a 2017 cash-in limited re-release of Joe Dante's classic Gremlins, the cinema release featuring a director feature as a straight promo for a new Blu-ray release!

I'd go see it myself, except for the seeming US only strategy - tad short sighted methinks. But then I got food, bright light and water after midnight sometime back ...

Wednesday, 15 November 2017


If you're presenting a rundown of the target audience for your own slasher production you need to get into details such as:
  • a specific age range + gender/s for both primary + secondary target audience
  • justified through specific references to media language links to existing films
  • including representations (uses and gratifications theory)
  • a moodboard (or 2: 1 for each gender or 1 each for primary/secondary)
  • BBFC/MPAA (+/or others) age rating
  • test the familiarity of your target audience with the genre, and get some sense of whether there's likelihood some would watch yours
  • the historic and recent box office record of the genre
  • typical box office, and some comparison with other genres to put this in clear context 
  • production and distribution companies with a particular record in the genre
  • directors and actors strongly linked to the genre (and therefore with a niche fanbase)
  • the role + prominence of franchises in the genre
  • specific consideration of remakes, reboots, reimaginings, prequels, sequels
  • monetising back catalogue through editionalising DVDs and boxsets (Childs Play a good recent example)
  • typical budgets, and some comparison with other genres to put this in clear context (stars, CGI, IP, sets, extras all being significant factors in higher budgets) 
  • use of websites + social media by production and distribution companies for marketing
  • fandom: fan-sites and social media, as well as UGC on YouTube etc
Some simple searches...
She's written some great analysis on Scream fan communities online (google)
A fantastic book on the narrative structure and audience (using box office analysis) of the slasher (google)
I was looking for hits from the Guardian box office columns (could try it without Gant, others write this too...), and found some prominent links to my own blog - which are rather useful! (google)
I knew he'd written relevant material, having read it ... so widened the search to horror (bear in mind that slasher is a sub-genre and also has multiple alternative names eg slice and dice, stalk and slash) ... and saw lots of useful hits... (google)
Getting into the nitty gritty, homing in on the details of a single franchise. I figured I'd likely find US, world box office for each movie and franchise averages and budgets ... and I did! (google)